Dan Hays Roderick Harris Marc Hulson Peter Lloyd Lewis

Garden of the Sleep of Love is an exhibition featuring work that investigates ideas of the sublime, artificiality, beauty, mortality and the grotesque in relation to painting.

Through a variety of mediums four artists present works that explore these concepts in terms of contemporary phenomena including the media, digital imagery, rock concerts and horror movies.

Taken from the series Colorado Impressions, Dan Hays’ work utilises digital photographic imagery sourced from the internet as a basis for painting.

Roderick Harris presents a series of works which focus on and refigure images taken from a Michael Jackson concert.

Marc Hulson’s work sites itself at the edge of figuration, exploring the imaginary through both representation and abstraction.

Beginning with painting, Peter Lloyd Lewis uses digital manipulation to blur the relationship between painting, object and photography.

Five Years Gallery
Regent Studios
8 Andrews Road
Unit 66
E8 4QN