Mr. Whiskets writes, “My posts tend to be rather long (which I think is a good thing) but there are times when I’d simply like to be brief and spotlight some books I feel I’ve been neglecting. There are many fine titles that I think are interesting and worth your notice but when I sit to write about them, the words don’t come easily. So as an exercise in brevity I am going to start to throw a few short posts into the mix and hopefully I can do so without short changing anyone’s book — or you, the readers.
Recently I picked up the book A Bird (Blast #130) from the Japanese photographer Naoya Hatakeyama. Since this book is simply a sequence of 17 photographs of an explosion throwing earth into the air I thought it would become stale very quickly but much to my surprise it hasn’t. Of all of Hatakeyama’s work, the blast series is the most interesting to me. The limeworks photographs and his other industrial work do little to grab my attention like a good slow-motion explosion that throws earth at your face can.”

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Source: 5B4 – Photography and Books