Fine Art Scanning

The most important step to professional fine art archival pigment prints is a quality, digital, high resolution scan. Our studio is dedicated to producing the highest quality standards of image reproduction. We get to know your work so you can expect your scans to be exactly how you like them.


Over 30 years experience in the Cultural and Heritage sector, working with museums, galleries and artists. Some key features of our high resolution artwork scanning include:

  • High resolution fine art scanning
  • Amazing detail and sharpness
  • Fully calibrated flatbed scanner
  • All scans are cropped to size

Image © Alex Evans –

We provide a high-resolution flatbed scanning service producing fully colour managed, sharp and accurate scans preserving the fine details in your original paintings, prints and drawings. Our flatbed scanner is fully colour calibrated and captures the maximum possible colour gamut. We can scan flat artworks up to 50x70cm (approx 20x27in) in size. What sets us apart is the amount of time and work we put into colour corrections and proofing of each scan or photograph we make to closely match the original artwork.

Types of art media suitable for artwork scanning are

  • Watercolours
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Charcoal drawings (fixing required)
  • Pastel (fixing required)
  • Pen and ink drawings

Unfortunately, we can’t scan all types of art media. Varnished oil paintings suffer from glare and are more suitable for photography. For larger sizes and those artworks that can’t be scanned, please see our bespoke art reproduction photography service.

Also, drawings done with pastels, chalk or charcoal must be fixed with a fixative to prevent smudging, otherwise the pigments fall off the paper and it won’t be possible to be placed face down to the glass bed of the scanner. These artworks will be photographed instead.

Key features of our fine art scanning service:

  • Perfectly sharp scans
  • Our fine art scans are white point, tone and colour adjusted to match the original artwork as closely as possible
  • High-resolution digital files for you to keep
  • Fully colour managed
  • Adobe RGB or sRGB, TIFF format files, other colour spaces and formats available on request

We crop all scans to size. In addition and depending on your instructions we can remove marks, small blemishes, even the paper colour and texture of the original artwork. You can download your high-res files in TIFF or JPEG format up to 2GB.

We can store all your high quality files on our servers free of charge (please ask for this service), so that you will be able to continue to reorder our fine art prints. In addition, you can download your scans, in TIFF or JPEG format up to 2GB.

We can output the final scans onto a select range of fine art papers and canvasses, up to 112cm width, printing with archival quality inks. We create colour profiles for all our media in-house, for maximum colour fidelity.

By using our services to get your work professionally scanned in our studio, you ensure to get the best possible and accurate results for your Giclee prints.

All work is quoted on an individual basis. Please contact us on 0208 858 3076 or to schedule an appointment to bring in your artwork or if you would like a quotation. All artwork photography and fine art scanning is being done at our studio in Greenwich, South East London.