Frequently Asked Questions

The word Giclée (zhee-klay) comes from the French word gicler meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray”. The term is now generally accepted to describe high quality art and photographic inkjet printing, on fine art and photo papers, using archival pigment inks. Giclée printing is perfect for fine art reproduction, photography, digital art and illustration.

The first advantage is the archival permanence of Giclée prints. According to Wilhelm Imaging Research, pigment prints offer significantly better colour fastness depending on inkset and paper type. Our latest wide gamut Epson pigment based inkset is amongst the most archival on the market today.

The second advantage is the huge selection of different papers and canvases available (see our Giclée range for all available surfaces).

The third advantage is dynamic range and colour gamut (range of colours). If your work features vibrant, saturated colours, our prints will allow you to reproduce colours that are usually out of gamut in traditional C-type and digital C-type prints.

We use the latest wide gamut Epson pigment based inks and only acid free papers and canvasses for the finest and most long lasting prints. Even though the term “archival” is not quantifiable, no standards exist that describe how long an “archival” print would last, appropriately stored prints or prints framed under glass, depending on the paper, expected to last at least 80-100 years in good environmental conditions and always away from direct sunlight. Prints framed under glass with UV protection will last even longer.

Please visit Wilhelm Imaging Research and Aardenburg Imaging & Archives for more information and detailed analysis. Also, please read carefully “Do Giclée prints require special care and handling?” further down on this page.

Yes, free of charge but if you’re ordering by email or on the phone please ask for this service.
Proper monitor calibration will save you time and money. If your monitor has not been properly calibrated your prints are unlikely to match your screen.
At Digitalarte we support a fully colour managed workflow. All our paper profiles are optimised for our system and are available on request. Please email us if you need to use any of our profiles.

Yes, in theory we can print any size. All prints are custom printed to your exact size. We do not charge a setup fee (only if the artworks have been photographed or scanned by us), we do not charge extra for non standard sizes and for sizes not listed we do not charge the same price as the next size up. Sizes not listed are priced pro-rata by the total square cm required. Prices are calculated based on total paper size, including borders. Large format prints are output on a roll of paper and as such can be anything up to 44in wide by several metres in length if required.

Please upload your files as 8bit, flattened TIFFs, PSDs or JPEGs in AdobeRGB or sRGB colour space. Resolution should be set to 300dpi at final print size.

If you’re unsure or need help, please call us on 0208 858 3076 or email us with your query.

Turnaround for printing normally is 3-4 working days in the studio, from receipt of your order. Turnaround time is for completion and collection from the studio only and does not include delivery. Our turnaround time is subject to current workload and quantity, for larger volume orders turnaround time may be extended. All turnaround extensions will be discussed prior to order confirmation. Let us know if you have a tight deadline.

Turnaround for artwork photography and fine art scanning normally is 7-10 working days from the time of order. Our turnaround time is subject to current workload and quantity, for larger volume orders turnaround time may be extended. All turnaround extensions will be discussed prior to order confirmation.

Your first 30-60min would be free of charge (depending on your project), with additional hours charged at our current hourly rate. We will only charge you for the time spent using the system, in increments of 30min. Please call us on 0208 858 3076 or email us to enquire about booking an appointment.

We can print from digital files, TIFFs, PSDs or JPEGs but not from raw camera files or PDFs.

You can supply us with either original prints or paintings. All material supplied must be copyright free, for example we cannot reproduce images from books without the written consent of the publisher. Original prints and paintings have to be photographed or scanned first.

Borders are part of the image size so the image must be scaled and placed on a larger canvas if borders are required. This is either something you can do or we can do for you free of charge. Best for prints to have 1-2cm border as this makes it easier for a professional mounter/framer to drymount the print or frame it using a window mount. Please ask for this service.
PDF files have to be rasterised first, depending on size either at 300dpi or 600dpi and saved as 8bit, flattened TIFFs, PSDs or JPEGs in AdobeRGB or sRGB colour space.

If you’re unsure or need help, please call us on 0208 858 3076 or email us with your query.

We recommend that you treat your Giclée prints the same as any original piece of art so here are a few tips to ensure your prints last for many years to come:

  • Never allow liquids of any kind to come in contact with a print
  • Avoid touching the print surface
  • Only acid-free, archival materials should come in contact with the front/back of the print
  • Never allow prints to rub against one another in transit or storage. Always use archival plastic sleeves or acid-free tissue paper between prints
  • Framing under glass or acrylic provides the greatest protection against fading from UV light and ozone
  • Avoid direct or extremely bright indirect sunlight. Don’t display or store prints outdoors. Don’t display or store prints where they are exposed to chemicals, paints, varnishes or oils containing solvents. Keep your unprotected prints (before framing) away from sources of ozone, such as monitors and TVs, air purifiers or other sources of high voltage electricity
  • Avoid excessive temperature and humidity extremes
  • Avoid pinning/hanging/attaching unprotected (not framed) prints on the wall. Chemicals in wall paint, especially solvents, might damage the print (yellowing)
Absolutely. There is a range of options suitable for mounting our Giclée prints like, aluminium, Dibond, MDF, Perspex face mounting and traditional card window mounts.

Please contact us before visiting our studio.
Contact the studio Monday to Friday between 10am–6pm to book an appointment.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public holidays.

Call us on 0208 858 3076 or email us to book an appointment. We look forward to working with you!

By credit or debit card in person, bank transfer or PayPal. We accept VISA (debit and credit), MasterCard (debit and credit), Contactless and Apple Pay. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, we do. Here are the delivery costs within mainland UK:


Parcelforce: Expected delivery 1-2 working days – £12.50+VAT per parcel
Royal Mail – Tracked24 up to 2kg: Expected delivery 1-3 working days – £7.50+VAT per parcel
Royal Mail – Tracked48 up to 2kg: Expected delivery 2-5 working days – £6.50+VAT per parcel

For all deliveries, we only use Parcelforce and Royal Mail.

We can either ship flat or in tubes, depending on your request. Prints larger than 16x20in are only shipped rolled in tubes.

Very Important! Save all of your packaging and the damaged prints. Couriers and Royal Mail will ask to see all of this to determine reimbursement. We will ask you to take and send us photos of the exact damage.

Simply call us on 0208 858 3076 or email us and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.