Artwork Photography

High quality artwork photography is essential to accurately capture and represent the colour and detail of your original artworks.

With over 25 years experience in photographing artworks and utilising the latest technology, we offer a service for art professionals who need accurate results and first class reproductions from origination to the final print. Our specialist equipment – high resolution cameras, white balance targets and daylight-balanced lighting, accurately match the colour and fine detail in your original art on paper and canvas.

What sets our digital captures apart, however, is the processing and adjustments involved after the raw capture has been taken. Our artistic training and advanced digital knowledge and techniques – to match colour, achieve maximum detail and texture, is what makes our prints look so good. This is time consuming and painstaking work. As a result, our Giclée prints display the greatest possible colour accuracy, shadow detail, black density, colour saturation and smooth transitions in tones.

Key features of our art photography service:

  •  We can photograph all types of artworks, including varnished oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolours
  • Our digital captures are white point, tone and colour adjusted to match the original artwork as closely as possible
  • All reflections removed
  • High-resolution digital files for you to keep
  • Fully colour managed
  • Adobe RGB or sRGB, TIFF format files. Other colour spaces and formats available on request

We crop all reproductions to size. In addition and depending on your instructions we can remove marks, small blemishes, even the paper colour and texture of the original artwork. You can download your high-res files in TIFF or JPEG format up to 2GB.

We can store all your high quality files on our servers free of charge (please ask for this service), so that you will be able to continue to reorder our fine art prints.

All work is quoted on an individual basis. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to bring in your artwork or if you would like a quotation. Studio available in Greenwich, South East London.