Tim Smyth learned the power cars have the hard way-by going through the windscreen of one that was moving. As well as glass splinters, that accident, when he was out cycling, also imprinted musings on the destructiveness of the motor car.

Smyth has used this, and witnessing a car flip over into the fast lane of a motorway, as inspiration for photography of great beauty. Abstract images that seem at odds with the reality behind the image – the photographs are all details of the decaying shells of cars that have been involved in accidents. What happened in the accident? Was anyone injured or killed? The work doesn’t tell and Smyth doesn’t know so the work leaves the viewer wondering.

Smyth says:
“One morning I found this car at the end of my road that had been in a collision. It looked like an amazing still life: great material that transposed well photographically because of the amount of layers that you get within the reflections, the paintwork and the metal underneath.”
“Because I didn’t do anything to the cars myself, the process of creating the pictures involved really inspecting them”

Tim’s work was awarded Hotshoe Magazine’s student award 2007. In the accompanying article Sophie Wright described what it was that impressed Hotshoe so much:
“The surfaces barely recognisable as bumper or bonnet, transform into a glacial landscape, satellite images of continents, or canvas scoured by strange calligraphy.
“Corrosion is the final layer in Smyth’s photographs: a gradual reclaiming by nature of man-made technology.
“Although the end result seems abstracted, the intention is still documentary.
“His influences are all documentary photographers whose work sits comfortably in an art context: From Henri-Cartier Bresson to Wolfgang Tillmans, Juergen Teller and Stephen Gill”

Tim Smyth’s exhibition “The Nature of Machines” is the first exhibition for Rathbone Gallery. Sam Green of Rathbone says:
“We are very pleased that Tim Smyth chose Rathbone to exhibit these beautiful works. The underlying tension seems to reveal itself the more you look at them and they fit in perfectly with Rathbone’s desire to bring the best of contemporary photography along with the best, and most interesting, of the past.”

The opening for Tim Smyth’s “The Nature of Machines” will be at Rathbone on 21 November 4 – 8pm and the exhibition will run until January 17 2008.

For further information/images please contact:
Sam Green
T: 020 7636 6699
M: 07967 688 406