Hahnemühle UK Ltd, English subsidiary of leading German Artist Paper Manufacturer is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Online Shop in the UK. On February 5th 2019 Hahnemühle launched a new ecommerce website platform which lays the groundwork for providing the customer with the opportunity to shop ‘anytime, anywhere and on any device’.

About Hahnemühle
Many companies claim to be steeped in ‘tradition’. However, there is hardly any company that is worthier of wearing this signet of consistency, experience and quality than Hahnemühle. The paper manufacturer from Dassel, Lower Saxony, was founded in 1584 and has been producing paper at the same location ever since then.

It all started with handmade writing paper, complemented over the centuries by artists’ papers and special technical papers With an uninterrupted expertise of manufacturing, today’s portfolio comprises more than 500 types of the finest artist and technical papers for industrial applications.

Traditional FineArt papers for painting and printing are made according to old recipes with high-quality cotton fibres or cellulose and pure spring water. Hahnemühle papers enjoy the best reputation as genuine mould-made papers, watercolour papers, drawing papers and in sketchbooks.
Hahnemühle is considered the inventor of digital fine art papers for inkjet printing. As a pioneer, the oldest German artist paper manufactory has been refining its real artist papers for exclusive prints of photographs and art reproductions.

All papers feature excellent ageing resistance and are trusted as a ‘brand of the century’ in more than 80 countries around the world by artists, photographers, museums, galleries and collectors.
Headquartered in Dassel, Lower Saxony, with offices in the United Kingdom,France, USA and China, the company employs approximately 200 people worldwide.