Totality & Infinity by Matthew Webb

Totality & Infinity by Matthew Webb

Totality & Infinity by Matthew Webb

Webb’s photographs from his latest project highlight Brazilians in the UK, Brazilians in Brazil, Brazilian-led groups in the UK, Brazilian-led groups in Brazil and encounters therein that transcend the every day. Starting in the UK in 2014, Webb still continues this work today from his current base in Brazil.

Groups have been chosen that typically represent what is considered to be “cultural” yet the work quickly devolves into the encounter as the primary source of culture and the catalyst for acts of responsibility between ourselves and those around us.

Note about the work:
The logic of this work was inspired by Lithuanian-French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas both in content and form. Levinas argued, as a departure to Husserl and Heidegger, that encounters with the other (another person, defined by face and in speech) are transcendent thus providing a primary or “base” philosophy for understanding our world and how we act responsibly.

Derrida later remarked that Levinas’s early key work Totality and Infinity was like a “lapping of waves”. That Levinas continually repeats and circles around his main point making the central argument stronger, mirroring our experience of the world as we move through life through a series of encounters.

About Matthew Webb:
Renowned for his subtle, thoughtful long-term studies, typically taking at least three to four years to realise each project, Webb’s photographs have been shown in 31 solo shows in the UK, Russia, across the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and recently in Brazil; coinciding with his time living in each region.

Webb’s photographs can be found in the Russian State Darwin Museum, Buckingham Palace Collection, UNHCR offices and in private collections. He is the Managing Trustee of British/Brazilian photography outreach startup “Eyes of the Street” and the Director of Photography at Panorama Journal.

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