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Why bother? // By Alec Soth
Today I became aware of the fabulous Picture Australia archive. Searching on the topic of ‘new south wales police dept,’ I once again wonder why I bother with photography. It seems unfair that an anonymous police photographer can be as good as Avedon and Arbus. more

Inside Lightroom
Basic Tonal Control in Lightroom 1.1 // By Colleen Wheeler
Using Lightroom’s Develop module, you can do a lot to bring out the best tonal qualities of your images. Lightroom has easy-to-use sliders that allow you to react to the Exposure, Highlight/Shadow, and Brightness/Contrast needs of your images. In this excerpt from Chapter 5 of Photoshop Lightroom Adventure, Mikkel gives you a lushly illustrated overview of how to use the sliders in the Lightroom Develop module to quickly, easily, and satisfyingly make a variety of technical and aesthetic improvements to your photos more

Daily dose of imagery // By Sam Javanrouh
Daily dose of imagery is a simple view of my day to day visual experience, or my personal photoblog. I post one photo a day on this web site. For a brief technical detail of each photo, leave your mouse pointer on images more

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Lens Culture Contest #1 — “in between” moments // By Jim Casper
Many of us carry cameras every day, everywhere we go. And often the images that surprise us and delight us most are those that are taken while we are waiting for something else to happen more