Britain Bans Ads for Fast Food, Eggs // By Erica Barnett
Great Britain, already the birthplace of such progressive ideas as carbon labeling and the congestion tax, has long made a practice of banning advertisements that go against the nation’s progressive values. Lately, Britain seems to be in the midst of an ad-banning frenzy. In addition to bans on ads for online gambling, violent video games, tobacco products, and the word “bloody” (since overturned), Britain has placed bans on several types of food that the government feels are unhealthy, especially for children …more

Inside Lightroom
Lightroom 1.1 as a Digital Asset Management Tool // By Michael Clark
In my last blog post, talking about the Tom Hogarty interview, I decided to investigate just how well Lightroom would work as a digital asset management tool. I must say that I am reporting the facts as they are here for my hardware and images, these results may not be the same for your hardware and your images, especially if you only shoot jpegs. Below is part of my last blog post …more

Pogue’s Posts
Hotel Check-in Kiosks: Long Overdue // By David Pogue
Each year, my wife and I each take each of our two older kids on individual special weekends away—that is, four trips total (the baby’s not old enough to appreciate it). It’s a treat for both participants; one-parent/one-child has a very different dynamic, and more bonding moments, than the constant uproar of whole-family trips …more

London Photobloggers
The Big Art Mob // By Lorissa
There is a new public art project underway, the Big Art Mob. It aims to create the first public submitted document of all the public art in the UK (from small projects by artists working in the public realm through graffiti art to commissioned contemporary art and historical monuments) …more